Today, it’s easier than ever to develop an online presence and expand your brand to reach a virtually worldwide audience. Setting up a storefront and exposing your vision and products to millions of prospective customers is easier than ever, but it still requires a degree of knowledge to get up and running.

With our company stores, your products, special event, and unique brand can be ready to go in just a couple of minutes! This solution is designed to be as incredibly simple as it is affordable. Merchandise your products to your target audience with HD quality YouTube videos and create instant branding by adding your custom logo to all product images. Your store will be ready to accept orders, process credit card payments and bring in new customers the moment it’s been launched.

Rest assured that our company stores are designed with social media in mind. You can link directly to your Facebook page, allowing your many fans to be notified the moment you’ve got a new event to promote, a new product, a sale, or a special offer you’d like to share with your customers. All of this can be easily shared across various social media platforms.

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In the gadget-centric world in which we live, a Technology Company Store only makes sense. You can provide some of the coolest technology products out there as well as the personalized protective accessory products we all love.

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Back to School

Capitalizing on one of the industry’s top markets is as easy as 1-2-3. Stock your Company Store with products for students of all ages and dominate this top category.

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Real Estate

Company Stores are move-in ready when it comes to the real estate market. Stock your store with products perfect for welcome home gifts, open house giveaways or employee rewards.

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Niche Market

Be the life of the party by creating a Company Store devoted to a special event, holiday or niche market. Customize with items like glow products, ponchos, water bottles and more!

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Golf Event Store

Get on the green with a Golf Event Company store. This popular pastime is at the heart of many business functions, including conferences and field days. Stock a store with the must-have products no golfer can resist.

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Provide your best customers with a special Company Store all of their own. Add branding colors, images and even upload their logo to virtually imprint all virtual sample-ready product images.

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Cash in on one of the industry’s top 3 markets by creating a financial company store.

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Awards & Recognition

Companies know how important it is to recognize the achievements and milestones of their staff. Give your customers a one-stop shop that offers logoed products to show them how valuable they are.

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Rev up your sales numbers by creating a Company Store for the automotive market. You can easily customize your store for any audience instantly!

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Employee Anniversary Store

Employee appreciation can be so rewarding! When companies look to give their staff gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and excellence, customize a store complete with your client's logo and branding colors.

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Product Choices

Merchandise your store with your own branded products. You can upload up to 1,000 products in 10 product collections.


Instantly brand your Company Store by adding your logo to all virtual sample-ready product images.

Social Media

Company Stores can easily be linked directly to your social media accounts. Keep customers tuned in to new products, amazing sales or special offers.


Company Stores are e-commerce enabled. You can start selling directly from your site the moment you launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Company Store can be used for almost anything including: reaching niche markets, special events or a branded store for your best customer without sacrificing your current business relationships.
Once a customer places an order on the site, you receive an email notification and then proceed with your normal order fulfillment process.
Yes, you can easily set up a point system, and you can name the points whatever you would like them to be named, so it’s truly customized to your needs.
Setting up a Company Store can take as little as 20 minutes